Cash For Junk Cars East Point, GA – | 2001 Honda Civic

[MCFJC ATL]: OK we’re in East Point looking at a 2001 Honda Civic, right? OK. What did you say happened to the car? [Customer]: The transmission went out in January. [MCFJC ATL]: OK you said the transmission went out? [Customer]: Yeah.

[MCFJC ATL]: OK, in January. It was pretty expensive to fix, huh? [Customer]: Yeah, the dealer quoted me like two estimates like if I had an all-Honda transmission it would have been like $3200 but I guess with another transmission that wasn’t a Honda transmission it would have been like $2800 [MCFJC ATL]: They can put a transmission that’s not a Honda transmission in this car? [Customer]: Yeah.

[MCFJC ATL]: I’ve never heard of that. Maybe it was after market. [Customer]: Yeah, I think, yeah. [MCFJC ATL]: OK. All right. You got a little body damage. This was here when you bought the car? This bumper? [Customer]: No I put that on.

I had a fender bender two years ago and so the passenger side headlight was damaged so we had to replace that and we just put a bumper on. [MCFJC ATL]: OK. All right. How many miles do you have on this car? [Customer]: 175,000 I want to say.

[MCFJC ATL]: 175,000 OK. Got a couple of dents here. And does it start up? [Customer]: Yeah. [MCFJC ATL]: Yeah let me see the key real quick. Inside looks OK. Let’s see if this baby will start up. 191,000 miles.

The battery is dead. We’ll have to take your word for that. Let’s take a look at the engine. VTEC. Oil is a little bit low. OK. All right junk car fans we’re going to see what’s going on with this car and see if we can strike up a deal to buy it.

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