Crushing Junk Cars in Buffalo NY

Alright, coming in hot! A lot of action at the car crusher today. Worker talking: Are they actually worth somebody to buy to fixing? It’s not worth our time on trying to sell parts. But worth our time to fix and sell it.

That’s the problem we have. Workers at the “I Buy Junk Cars” storage lot were filling me in on what happens with the mobile car crusher. I’m gonna walk over and get picture of this one.

Worker: The inside of it looked better than the outside. Guy said that he took it to have it tuned up. And the guy done something and it wouldn’t run. After he tuned it up. These things don’t look too pretty when they come out.

Isuzu Hombre anyone? They look like that from 1996 to 2000. He’s about to get a one-way ticket to the car crusher. Short and sweet. About to be real short. We’re going for a flat top. Not the door! Ugh! Don’t want the good stuff squeezing out of there I guess? This Hombre is a goner.

It’s a Firebird Looks innocent enough, probably a V6. The guy yanking the wheels off. Gotta save that aluminum. Get more money scraping those things. Worker: He left 15 minutes ago. My older brother.

So, it’s about 20 to 30 minute drive. So he should be here in about 45 minutes. Boy don’t know nothin’ about directions. Some people just born that way. I’m kind of like that. We’re down in Florida one time.

He was sleeping. We coming back from going to the beach. My sister and everybody was following me. And I had me and my little brother, we’s coming back. And I look at my mirror. I see my brother Tommy’s head raised up Looked and said, “Oh, my god!” There’s one thing you will always need to remember.

Never ever take directions from Tommy. We got up off the road, we drove 45 minutes. We seen a sign, Waycross, Georgia About 96 miles. 45 minutes later. Same road. Waycross, Georgia: 91 miles. I may be foolin’ We went 20 miles down that road and we was about 5 miles from Fargo.

Which is what we was trying to find. He turned around and went all the way back. It took an hour and a half to get to New Smyrna Beach Took about four-and-a-half, five hours to get back. Didn’t have GPS back then.

Back in the Stone Age. If that thing had flipped over, we wouldn’t be talking right now. Here it comes! Uh oh! Grandma’s Impala. It lived a good life. The big wide tail light lens across the back.

That was used on 2002-2005 models. The EZ Crusher is about to have a good time. It’s got hydraulics that pull down from the top. It pulls and squeezes from the top down. [ Man walks up ] Worker: Can I help you? No.

I’ve talked to Steve (owner) before. About old cars. I’ve got a website I was gonna ask you about the Firebird. That blue one. I heard the white one is gone. Worker: What blue one? It was kinda silver or blue, on the right side along the fence.

I was thinking about buying them. Somebody said he was crushing everything. Nah, he don’t crush those. The storage lot was full of a few special cars. That weren’t gonna be crushed Like the 78 Firebird.

Also, a 1980 Trans Am primered Lots of Bondo Hobnail Camel cloth seats. I ended up buying that one for about $800 . Chevelle. He wasn’t gonna crush that. I think he took it home. Corvette, no way! Can’t crush that.

A few others didn’t make it out so lucky. Such as a 300 ZX. It was wrecked badly. Once they’re crushed, they’re wrapped up and loaded up on the truck and they hit the scales. Get the check and everybody leaves happy.

Junkyard Life: The Story Beneath the Rust [ BAM!! ] all right coming in hot a lot of action with the car crusher today workers at the eye Parker [Music] I walk away get picture now got that he took have a thumbs up got done something [Music] these things don’t look too pretty when they come out isuzu hombre anyone [Music] [Music] look like that from 96 to 2000 [Music] for the car crusher short and sweet [Music] [Music] we’re going for a flattop not the door don’t want the good stuff squeezing out of there I guess it’s all embrace O’Connor it’s a Firebird looks innocent enough probably a v6 the guy yanking the wheel get more money script movie 15 minutes ago over brothers so it’s about 20 to 30 minute drive they could be here in about 45 minutes what about Drake baby were just more in that way I’m kind of like that we’re down to Florida one time he was sleeping we coming back to burn a debate in a pitcher and everybody was following me yeah head meeting my little brother he’s coming back and I look at my mirror I see my brother’s coming head raised up look at–we manson oh my god never ever take [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] that thing it flipped over we wouldn’t be talking right now there’s a good line the big whitetail out then drops back 2002-2005 miles [Music] either she doesn’t have a good time hydraulics [Music] not I’m telling to speed before so far they got a website to our life and I’m gonna ask you about Firebird [Music] check out silver blues on the right stores lot was full of a few special cars that weren’t gonna be crushed like the 78 Firebird also a 1980 Trans Am primered lots of Banda hobnail camel seats end up buying mountain for about 800 bucks Chevelle he wasn’t gonna crush that I think he took it home Corvette no way can’t crush that a few others didn’t make it out so lucky such as a 300 ZX it was wrecked badly once they’re crushed they’re wrapped up loaded up on the truck and hit the scales you get the check and everybody leaves happy junkyard life the story beneath the rest

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